Choosing AST?

Our clients benefit from unique expertise, varied experience and deep understanding of business. Hundreds of companies of different sizes and from a variety of fields make up our clientele. What unites our clients is the appreciation of a high level of service and quality offering. In addition our foreign clients value the international expertise we offer.

Multilingual service

We offer our services in Finnish, Swedish and English. Native speaking personnel makes sure that cooperation with us is convenient. This makes it very easy for international companies to operate in Finland and also to maintain global contacts.

International network

We specialize in the accounting and consultation services of international companies operating in Finland. Clients with similar needs elsewhere in the Nordics can make use of our Nordic network. Our extensive international network makes it possible for us to operate on a global level.

Personal point of contact

All of our clients get a dedicated contact to manage their account. A team of specialists backs each contact partner.

Services under one roof

We offer the services our clients need effectively under one roof saving time and money. We can tailor all of our services from consultation to practical help to suit your company’s needs.

Active assistance

We get to know your business thoroughly and offer proactive, personalized consultation. Your company is always kept up to date with current financial and legal information.

Why choose AST?


We are genuinely international. Our multilingual staff communicates with you in your own language. Our extensive networks make sure that you get the help you need locally and globally.


We offer accounting, IT services and the best expert consultants under one roof. Our long and diverse experience guarantees that we always find the best solutions for your company.


We are your partner. We work together with your company. We offer you all that you need to make your business successful – and nothing else.