HR and payroll administration

Outsourcing HR and payroll administration is a way to free your own time. It is also a way to ensure that local regulations, collective agreements and taxation are taken into consideration.

AST Human Resources

Small to medium sized companies might not benefit from employing an HR expert. The need for HR expertise might limit to a few days per month. Our services are easy to combine to suit the needs of your organization. We can also help you with single elementary questions or issues concerning employment.

HR Helpdesk answers questions regarding recruitment, employment relationship and training. It also supports managers in matters concerning employment and employees.

AST HR experts take care of occupational healthcare, mandatory employer insurances (pension, accident, unemployment, group life) and contacts with Kela (e.g. applications of refund of salary during longer sick-leave etc.). Administration of the life cycle of employment is also a part of our services including administration regarding new employees, employment contracts and administration of ending employments.

We collect and administrate mandatory documentation and the employees’ manual. We can also maintain and update the information in regard to actual updates of laws and acts. These are executed according to the procedure of the company. To support the decisions we always ensure that current laws and regulations are being adhered to.

Payroll administration

In addition to payroll computing we offer travel expense handling, work time and staff holiday tracking and annual reports.

Working hours, collective agreements and contacts with insurance companies, trade unions, Kela and other officials are a part of our work. The training of our staff as well as the software we use are always up to date. We offer different options for reporting and we create new interfaces for HR, tracking and accounting when needed.  

You can choose to fully outsource or negotiate with us to find the model that suits your company. Professional, approachable and flexible staff provides our service.

Why choose AST?


We are genuinely international. Our multilingual staff communicates with you in your own language. Our extensive networks make sure that you get the help you need locally and globally.


We offer accounting, IT services and the best expert consultants under one roof. Our long and diverse experience guarantees that we always find the best solutions for your company.


We are your partner. We work together with your company. We offer you all that you need to make your business successful – and nothing else.