IT Services

AST IT Services is a comprehensive IT expert and partner, providing hardware, software, maintenance and support, and information security services. You can choose exactly what you need from our service offering, or make use of AST's convenient turnkey solutions.

Hardware and Software

We offer your choice of hardware and office software including delivery and collection. With our turnkey solutions all hardware will also be installed and ready to use.

IT Maintenance

Small- to medium-sized companies receive personalized IT support through our maintenance service. Tasks and responsibilities are agreed based on your company’s needs. The IT environment is mapped and the hardware registered. Mapping the IT environment let's us analyze it fully and helps prevent any possible problems. Workstations can be installed according to a workstation model , making the assembly uniform.


Our on-site support includes maintenance of servers, workstations and network devices on your company’s premises. We take care of all installations and updates. Clients are assisted in use of the technology, and we can also create client-based guides.

In case of an IT occurrence a support request can be sent to our HelpDesk. AST strives to resolve issues in the shortest possible timeframe. We can also make use of TeamViewer Quick Support, which enables internet-based remote access for AST to your computer regardless of location.

Information security

Information protection, security risk assessment and management is a key AST service.

The information security risk assessment program examines both internal and external risks. This increases the level of awareness regarding information security, and its effects on business and clients. From the results of the assessment a plan of action (DRP/BCP) is created to prepare for possible problems and efficient resolution of disruptions.

TeamViewer Quick Support allows us to help by remotely accessing your computer.

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